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BA900 isn’t a British Airways service to Jo’burg

Banks - 22 June 2020

In Ingham Analytics latest note entitled “BA900 isn’t a British Airways service to Jo’burg” the latest South African Reserve Bank statistics are succinctly analysed. If you are a shareholder in a listed JSE bank you’d want to be up to speed with the newest data at the best of times and in this fast changing COVID-19 lockdown world even more so. This note follows on from “South African banks’ balance sheets surge” (3 June). Whilst the latest data has some positivity investors should be under no illusion that the banks are going to be squeezed from all sides and it is way too early to measure the financial fallout of the COVID-19 lockdown. This analysis is a must-read for those investors exposed to the sector and seeking direction on how to trade banks.

Searchlight: R30.00

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