Free Library

Welcome to Ingham Analytics Free Library

We have built a good following and want to grow that but we are also mindful that there will be people who haven’t come across us and want to validate who and what we are first.

We are putting together an archive of free notes for you to explore and get a taste of the value we strive to impart.

Financial Market Notes

Every week we publish notes by Mark Ingham and Andrew Kinsey in particular on market moving topics, be that equity and debt capital markets, central banking, foreign exchange, macro-economics or risk management. No fear, no favour, telling it like it is.

Weekly Sunday Letter

Each Sunday in our Letter, which has gained a large following, we take a step back to see wood for trees, taking stock of things that grabbed our attention during the week that was. Not too seriously, there is enough of that about, with a touch of humour and with a balanced perspective