About Us

Who are we?

Ingham Analytics is an equity research and corporate advisory house with a proven track record of independent analysis and impartial advice in South Africa and Internationally. The business is non-aligned and has no potentially conflicting capital markets activities.

The advent of MiFID II in the EU in 2018 has made an independent research and advisory offering particularly germane. These tougher MiFID II rules require fund managers to pay for analyst research and insights separately to trading fees. The change restricts inducements and prevents conflicts of interest. Ethical considerations, as championed by the CFA Institute and other professional bodies, further strengthens the appeal of impartiality for investor protection. Fund managers in South Africa are increasingly taking their cue from the EU directive and unbundling equity research from brokerage.

What we offer

Companies on various stock exchanges are encouraged to participate in the process through monthly contributions to a research “pool” for the benefit not just of a single issuer but for listed companies overall – the more companies that participate the better it is for price discovery, investor awareness, and stock market rating.

We also provide analysis on corporate actions such as mergers & acquisitions, new listings, and equity and debt issuance. Circulars and prospectuses are typically dense, wordy, and laced with jargon that few understand. We cut through that to give a succinct analysis of a corporate action, what the financial effect is, and what we think you as an investor should do.

About Mark Ingham

An industry veteran of twenty-five years, Mark is managing director of Ingham Analytics. He brings a powerful combination of analysis and international asset management skills to the business.

Mark’s fundamental company research has covered the industrial, mining, financial, and real estate spheres. His approach is for high conviction calls, backed up by rigorous appraisal of the earnings and valuation drivers, and for brevity in communicating that.

He has also worked with a select few South African and International clients in stock broking, fund management, and private equity and to listed and private corporations. His advice has also been sought on corporate actions in the public and private market, including listings, mergers & acquisitions, governance, company valuations, business strategy, and investor relations.

Other roles include Chief Investment Officer at The Lubner Group of Companies, Member of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa and a Board and Exco member of the Investment Analysts Society of South Africa.

Team development

The Ingham Analytics team will be steadily built in the coming months and we shall keep clients informed of latest developments as we expand this exciting offering. Top professionals with requisite experience and credibility have already been identified. In line with best international practice, Mark Ingham will serve in the role of Supervisory Analyst and all notes will be published after thorough vetting in line with the Ingham Analytics philosophy of quality, independence, and reliability.