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Looking for a specific research report?

We offer 3 content formats


A very short report, typically one or two pages, that makes recommendations or reiterates an investment stance to assist an opportunistic investor in achieving short term trading gains.


A short to medium sized note on a topical event such as a particular company visit, an innovative research idea, an analysis of a corporate action, or any other event that strengthens or reaffirms the investment stance on a company.


An in-depth note on a company or companies, a sector or industry, that focuses on investment strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and qualitative aspects that are expected to be relevant for a reasonable period of time in the foreseeable future.

Specialised reports

If you need unique research done, we offer the following options

Issuer research pool

Access to corporate advisory such as M&A, capital raising, best practice in reporting, investor outreach.

Fund and asset managers

Bespoke research available to complement internal team view or as an independent external view on taking a market position

Stock brokers

Institutional quality equity analysis. Affordable and a complement to own research for clients.

Corporate advisory

Advisory on corporate actions in the public and private market, including listings, mergers & acquisitions, governance, company valuations, business strategy, and investor relations.

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We take the mystery out of finance by delivering to-the-point analysis where you’ll find no waffle or jargon, making it accessible to all audiences.

Our philosophy is good quality, independence, and reliability. We’ve always done things this way and it won’t change.

Latest reports

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13 July 2020
US data provides a chink of light in COVID-19 gloom

Savings rates in the United States have mushroomed say Ingham Analytics (unlike in South Africa). Why should this be so? They point to...

Ingham Analytics
12 July 2020
(I)n (M)y (F)ace... and yours

COVID-19 isn’t the cause of the swift descent into imminent national bankruptcy, South Africa had a pre-existing fiscal malaise that made it hypersensitive...

Ingham Analytics
8 July 2020
Capitec takes the stage in “Rating retreat

Ingham Analytics have issued an updated note on Capitec, one of the darlings of retail investors, smart institutional fund managers locally and overseas,...