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Welcome to Ingham Analytics

“Expect the Unexpected”

A leading financial markets research and advisory house with global reach

What is Ingham Analytics?

International financial markets analysis encompassing equity and debt capital markets, central banking, foreign exchange, macro-economics and risk management

Accessible to seasoned private and institutional investors seeking impartial guidance as they navigate choppy world markets and to the novice who wants to learn, grow and gain confidence

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Who we are

Ingham Analytics is financial markets and advisory house with a proven track record of independent analysis and impartial advice internationally. The business is non-aligned and has no potentially conflicting activities.

We provide analysis on corporate actions such as mergers & acquisitions, new listings, and equity and debt issuance. Circulars and prospectuses are typically dense, wordy, and laced with jargon that few understand. We cut through that to give a succinct analysis of a corporate action, what the financial effect is, and what we think you as an investor should do.

The advent of MiFID II in the EU in 2018 has made an independent research and advisory offering particularly pertinent. These tougher MiFID II rules require fund managers to pay for analyst research and insights separately to trading fees. The change restricts inducements and prevents conflicts of interest. Ethical considerations, as championed by the CFA Institute and other professional bodies, further strengthens the appeal of impartiality for investor protection. But we go the final mile – everyone is welcome, not just an elitist few. 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

Are you looking for seasoned, no-nonsense advice? 

Perhaps wondering what to buy or sell across different securities? Or maybe seeking a better understanding in these confusing and volatile times? Or maybe just an ironic, entertaining yet discerning observation on the passing scene, as we communicate in our popular wrap of the week on Sunday?

Then welcome to Ingham Analytics, you’ll feel right at home. Our approach is less is more, you won’t be deluged with vacuous stuff, there is enough of that about, but what we send out we think you’ll want to have in your decision-making arsenal.     

Our latest reports

We take the mystery out of finance by delivering to-the-point analysis where you’ll find no waffle or jargon, making it accessible to all audiences.
Our philosophy is good quality, independence, and reliability. We’ve always done things this way and it won’t change.

Want a taste before signing up?

We have built a good following and want to grow that but we are also mindful that there will be people who haven’t come across us and want to validate who and what we are first.
We are putting together an archive of free notes for you to explore and get a taste of the value we strive to impart.

Let’s meet the experts

Mark and Andrew are the two heavy lifters with a combined international experience of over half-a-century, in financial centres such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Johannesburg and across various financial markets categories. The expertise of other professionals will also be shared on the site from time to time, as appropriate. In addition, Andrew will soon be offering e-learning courses tailored to novice, intermediate and advanced participants.    

About Mark Nathan Ingham

An industry veteran of over twenty-five years, Mark is Managing Director of Ingham Analytics. He brings a powerful combination of analysis and international asset management skills to the business.

Mark’s fundamental company research has covered the industrial, mining, financial, consumer and real estate spheres. His approach is for high conviction calls, backed up by rigorous appraisal of the earnings and valuation drivers, and for brevity in communicating that.

He has worked in the fields of stock broking, fund management, and private equity and advised listed and private corporations. His advice has also been sought on corporate actions in the public and private market, including listings, mergers & acquisitions, governance, company valuations, business strategy, and investor relations.

Mark serves in an advisory capacity to a Family Office, managing funds internationally. He is a Member of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa and a Board and Exco member of the Investment Analysts Society of South Africa in which role he is responsible for the internationally prestigious Investment Analysts Journal. 

About Andrew Kinsey

Andrew, who earned his Master’s in Financial Economics (cum laude), has over 25 years of experience internationally across financial markets. He has traded foreign exchange, fixed income and equities and is experienced too in derivatives and risk. Andrew is an expert in financial derivatives, Asset Liability Management and the evolving regulatory architecture, principally Basel III, Fundamental Review of the Trade Book (FRTB) and Counterparty Party Credit Risk (CCR). He previously worked as a consultant at Accenture, specialising in information technology.

These skills have been leveraged to construct practical risk management and trading systems and to train and lecture university graduates and employees of banks and other financial institutions.

It is these valuable educational capabilities and tools that Andrew will be making available to the greater Ingham Analytics community, catering to the novice through to the professional trader or asset manager.

Whilst trading markets and teaching are a key part of Andrew’s day-to-day working schedule, he also undertakes market research with an approach that adopts a macro theme, drawing on his knowledge of the intricacies of complex financial instruments.

Our philosophy is good quality, independence, and reliability.

We’ve always done things this way and it won’t change.

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